bite sized

bite sized

My big sis and I went to our other village today, and as luck would have it we ended up being with our little sis. My dad used to call us his “liquorice allsorts” because we were such a varied array of brown…and then we got my little bro when I was ten… yah, we were really all kinds of brown then.

We’re all whangai, all four of us.

The only thing is that today our other village is now on the other side of the Tasman sea, see me sea men and sea women, we wash upon the new shores of our chosen destinations as our desires take detours, tourists risking our pasts for new futures and fruitful beginnings.

My eldest nephew turned sixteen today… sweet grumpy angsty sixteen year old giant. He is as big as a polar bear, and I have loved watching him grow up to become the person he is today. He’s such a cheeky little giant shit, and sometimes, I have to put my betch on and staunch him out a little bit so that he doesn’t get too big for his boots, but not often because he is an awesome kid. At the moment he’s finding everything in life “dumb”. I just asked him five minutes ago how school was…”dumb”, and training “dumb” and his birthday so far of course has been predictably “dumb”, but that’s cos we can’t afford for him to go to Dreamworld today.

Of course forget the fact that when he was in Aotearoa last month he was allowed to get an amazing ta moko for his birthday, designed and delivered by one of the apparent best, and also forget that he’s now going to the school with the best Rugby League academy in Australia, which my sis just paid for him to be able to attend. 6am mornings for him at the gym from now on, training to be as brilliant as his grandfather was on the Rugby League field of dreams.

Kids are funny replicas of people.

I am glad I am not a teenager anymore, because I totally remember what it was like to feel like everything was dumb and the whole world was fucked up and you couldn’t ever do anything you wanted to because nobody would let you and you just wanted to get out in the world and discover it and live your life to the fullest like there’s no tomorrow tomorrow land me on the ground again, and let me find my way to the shore…

Bore me to death, stroke the waves with paddles of fever pitch and rolls, tolls will never get paid as I pass beneath them on the highways of life, because I cannot afford them. Fees and fines, mines waiting to explode, load my bullets into the sun and let the ammunition of intuition glide me to the sky, where my waxy wings will never melt and fall me to the below decks, spinning, grinning, grinding jaws, the flaws of too many drugs in dug in trenchcoats, the dangers of daggers waiting in the dark.

It’s a schooling life, rife with obstacles and I will always work as much of my magic as this misery life can muster to make sure that my nephews and nieces have an easier road than I did.

It feels good to have turned 38 on the weekend. I remember a time when I felt I had nothing to live for and was convinced that I would be dead by the time I was thirty. My sisters’ kids really gave me a reason to live and I am blessed to be their tranny uncle.