Tōku kanohi hōu

The past mask has new lines, they grow and move with time, with laughter and with presence.

Last week was a big week. Many energies coalesced and I am in a new space.

I have marked myself in an undeniable manner, whole again through the visions of my ancestors.

I feel quite beautiful and shy as well, because people keep staring at me. People always stared at me anyway, but now they really stare.

I know what it’s like to be bathed in eyes, gleaning a trace, a naked glance. Now however, people can see me.

Now I am the ultimate version… it feels good to be back.

7 thoughts on “Tōku kanohi hōu

  1. E hoa, I said it the other day but your moko looks like it has lived with you for years already, “Ko koe ko tō moko, ko tō moko ko koe”. You are literally living the processes we talk about in class – ‘Decolonising. REcolonising. (Further) Indigenising’. Ka MAU te wehi!

    • Ngā mihi nunui e kare! Thanks heaps :), I definitely am feeling the embodiment. Since taking on the mataora nei, the world looks and feels different. I’m looking forward to greeting the changes to come!

      • E pai ana e hoa 🙂 Absolutely! I actually forgot to mention that the shift in whakaaro and talk around those of us in FMIS, since you’ve taken on your mataora, has been enriching. I think the whakaaro and talk surrounds you with even more aroha. Your āhua helped people to be comfortable within themselves and gave people a voice before and is helping to normalise the mataora, your āhua is helping to open fresh dialogue of what it is to proud in your skin and it is so awesome to hear and be present around!!

  2. Oh my God holy fuck yes!!! Yes you are you! So very you. Powerful, fierce, connected, beautiful. You look utterly stunning and right. You just look… right.

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