5 thoughts on “Kura: Embodied Wāhine

  1. Your piece speaks volumes e hoa. Strength and beauty. That’s what I think raranga is. Likewise, those who weave and understand that strength and beauty. Who know how to yield and wield it. Donna’s mahi is amazing. Her hands speak the pūrākau the harakeke wants to share with us. A-mazing. Both of you!

    • Ngā mihi nunui e kare! Thanks heaps 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾. Just having a quiet night in here Ohinemutu styles, procesing CHCH. Quite full on!

      • E pai ana e hoa 😊. Oh the serenity would be so warm and calming to the wairua.

        Full on, for sure. I was at Polyfest on Friday (my kids performed at 2pm) and we heard after their bracket. News didn’t get right around the festival until late afternoon. I still have to write about it. I spent most of yesterday talking to my youngest about what, why and how one person could do this to another. So heartless. So cold. So frikkin foreign to the word “mankind”. I want to be angry but all I can think about is, Aotearoa was a safe haven for most of these families. We have good gun laws, hell, I have a semi auto shotgun and a .22, but they help to fill my freezer. How did this happen to our people? In our homeland? On our whenua? How will I show compassion and forgiveness while still trying not to want the worst things imaginable to happen to those who caused this harm? Wooooo saaaaaah – I still have to process some emotion I reckon. Sending light your way e hoa. I’m looking forward to the “Teach In” tomorrow. It will be unfurling and mind clearing 🙂

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