I’ve been chilling lately – mostly because I have had the flu. It has been sucky to be sick, but at the same time I have been glad to stay in bed and read.

I’m getting over flu-ness though. Really, my body just needed time to get rid of the build up. Last week I started to train again and this week I have been getting into hardcore rehearsals for my final PhD performance. It’s really pretty good and I’m curious to see where it might lead.

It has been good to be feeling the creative feels again…my fingers itch to make art and my mind flips with formations firing fast.

Rather than get to making though, I’m wading – there’s time to kill at the moment and I’m making the most of it – things will change again soon and I’ll be busy as fuck, so I need to enjoy the calm ground.

I’m a media-slut and am in the national paper today. I feel awkward as fuck having been on tv twice over the past month and now having a profile piece in today’s online news. Racism, HIV/Sexuality and Suicide are the dominant themes thus far. Last week I got asked to speak on an upcoming panel for Auckland Musueum’s LATE series, on ‘invisible priviledge’ – I’m looking forward to that and am having a practice by talking with my nephews this eveing about their priviledge. They are good boys, but lately they have been typical teenagers and have forgotten how blessed they are to live in a safe village amongst whānau. They need to be reminded about the responsibilities that come with priviledge? and the costs when priviledge is abused.

Anyway, I’m hiding out today and being the chillest cos tomorrow I’m headed to Melbourne for work till Sunday. It’s work that I enjoy in the HIV sector, where as a facilitator of a peer leadership program, myself and others are updating the program we deliver. I feel like it can be so much better and I’m planning on being at my collaborative best to help toward good outcomes.

Time to fly.

4 thoughts on “Emote

  1. Media slut – lol I like that 🙂 ! This piece is pretty poignant though … and good on you for sharing your story!

    Recently I’ve come across a perplexing ‘transgender debate’ … I don’t know what else to call it really … but as I was listening to what was spilling from this ‘friends’ word bank, I thought I may be too naive on the topic of transgender. My theory has always been pretty simple. ‘You do you … I do Me’. And as far as sexuality, as long as its consenting and not abusive, it’s none of my business. From your point of view, is that too simplistic an approach? And if I school myself up, do you have any recommendations re research, stories etc I can learn from? It just feels like theres this thing going on, not unlike misogyny or racism, and the response to it … and I am ill-equip to enter the debating arena with what I know. ❤

    oh … Enjoy Melbourne 🙂

    • Kia ora a hoa! Thanks heaps for your korero. Nah, your perspective is pretty on point. I’m sure our tūpuna had a similar world view. In terms of where to seek good info on gender/transgender – our reo is the best place…there’s no gender exclusivity even though for lots of hapū and iwi it has become a colonised norm. I feel that as long as whānau are collectively supportive to do necessary work, the genders of the people doing the mahi shouldn’t matter. I’m so guna enjoy Melbourne!

      • A hah! Thankyou … I wondered if it had become an overcomplicated colonial debate 😉 I asked the same question to another friend of mine – he doesn’t define himself as trans though … He just grinned at Me and said “I’m a human being” 🙂 Trans seems to have become our new ‘debate’ but I see this as no different than being told I should sit down and not speak because I have a uterus. I’m pretty sure my tipuna had uter-i and voiced their concerns and opinions as strongly as I 😉

        Melbourne – Pics Please 🙂

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