Winding up

Conclusions, exclusive and reclusive domains of refrain – where tentative hesitations finger out slow pathways to final meanderings.

The past week has been slowing at a fast pace, my face aches at the final mountain I see before me – it crumbles each word I write, each word I fumble from the fracas of four years.

I had fight with my Princess last week. It was weakness and strength all rolled up in a surge of regretful emotion…chasing her away, she doing the same back to me. Attraction and repulsion combined, that’s the tension in art – you love it so much it becomes monstrous.

Mistrust myself and the world around me until it implodes and I can begin to have faith in healing. These feelings, all new and yet so ancient. Bent out of shape but becoming aligned. Refined fabrications, soothing reflections of inflections that rise and fall, like breath…

breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

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