So I’m off crackbook for the next two months so that I can focus less on the constant stream of bullshit that is my newsfeed. It’s depressing – the wars – the increasing poverty and dependency – the abuse – and holy shit, some people are so full of crack, like asscrack really…social media for them is their forum to put nails in other people.

Of course, those people are just being ‘real’, ‘honest’ and ‘truthful’, defending others who cannot speak for themselves and calling out to their egomania. I won’t deny it, we’re all pretty guilty of being dicks on social media – there have been plenty of times in the past year when I have had to pm peeps to apologise for getting a bit lost in my head and forgetting that we’re all just people. Yesterday some egg tried to abuse me on grindr for not sending him a cock pic after his one word intro. When I explained that I don’t just send pix of my genitals to strangers with no profile pics nor details beyond 28 and white, he had a little tantrum.

I guess I just don’t understand what it’s like to be in my 20s with the privilege of whiteness – thank fucking christ!

That’s one thing that is shithouse about antisocial media, it highlights the selfish center at the core of the human condition slash illness. Conditioning right there. Words are funny. Sham – poo – condition. That’s the real honest truth.

I really love Instagram at the moment because its all just pictures of pretty people and cool art. I have to keep on clicking on the thing that says ‘see fewer posts like this’ whenever I am confronted with boobs and bimbo hair because they don’t inspire me the way pecs and biceps do. Why have I only just discovered Instagram in the last year?…I can’t be that disconnected – although maybe I should count my blessings that I am. Wow, one thing I am appreciating on Instagram is all the young peeps doing some hella things with make-up. I get inspired by how creative this genderfluidgenerationabcdefghijklmnopqurstuvwxyz can b.

Pretty young things with money to spend on expensive product for Instagram pic lifestyles.

So yah, I am writing today and tomorrow to meet a good goal. I need to get these five chapters fedback on and then in the next two months I am finishing this fucking PhD thesis so that I can focus on my final creative works and then be Dr. Trannylegs. I really do love what I am writing, I just wish someone else could do all the work for me while I play with makeup and get my nails did. Luckily, I have a bit of a reprieve over the next month. Paid work has chilled out somewhat and so really, I have my own kind of privilege that allows me to just write.

So yah, shower and then into it. That’s me on a Saturday.