Henare Werahiko

I have always had a fondness for airport transit lounges; I love that they’re inbetween, totally somewhere and nowhere at once which is me all over.

I am glad to be going home with the aroha, prayers and blessings of good people and I cannot wait to start work again.

I finished a book chapter that I had been working toward over the past year before I left, and being in Melbourne helped me see the genesis of those ideas; being back here again was affirming in that sense.

Tense, past and future but sometimes not feeling present, resentful of myself for so long because I didn’t properly take care of the gifts that were my ancestors sacrifices; their sufferings for my today’s living. But I truly cherish those things now, and I protect them, share them, help them grow and keep them safe for the projections that will be my own descendants when I am an ancestor, a memory of suffering and goodness.

“Remember me, I’m the one who had your baby child.” I am looking forward to going to sleep in my own bed tonight.

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