Morning train

I didn’t train this morning.

Yesterday, I just felt quite vulnerable …even though I got out and about and delivered a presentation at a conference. It was a bit weird to have such a dip in emotions after having felt really good the day before. I was good to myself tho, I went and spent time with my mum and hung out with my niece rather than stay home and ruminate.

Actually, the conference helped lift my spirits because the people there commented so positively on the things I spoke about.

This morning, I thought it would be good for me to get up and stretch, rather than brave the cold, stress my body and go running. Its a fucken minus a million degrees anyway, there’s frost on the ground, which glitters like I’m on acid when the orange fingers of the morning sun, caress the carpet of steam.

Mornings here are special, healing and vital.

I’m looking forward to writing today, I have some good ideas that I can put to paper, or rather laptop screen, which screams at me to work work work.

Yesterday I said some prayers, and when the bubbling steam  finally finally cleared, I could see some good answers.

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