Karangahape Road:The Need to Protect Queer, Trans, Migrant, Poor and Vulnerable Presence in the City

Karangahape Rd council draft plan up for review by May 14, 2014. Hmmm, awesome post Tulia. I remember being a young tranny on krd in the late 90s, working coat-check in the Staircase. It was definitely a safe haven back then, but I always wonder how safe it is for at risk tamariki today. I think that your korero around the use of particular phases and terminology within the draft plan; or rather the critique of these, can provide fantastic ways to give breadth and voice to the current plan. Thanks for sharing!

tulia thompson

I’m nervous about discussing the dry and rectangular world of city planning, and more fluid, mutable worlds of spirit, community and creativity in one blog-post. And yet, I am called to action by my fierce loyalty towards Karangahape Road.

Wayne Thompson (no relation) wrote an article in the Herald on friday about the changes afoot for Karangahape Rd.

Auckland City Council is seeking feedback on their draft K’Road plan by 14th May, and are having a public drop-in feedback session with the council’s planning team this Monday 5 May 11am-2pm, Methodist Church, Pitt Street (It’s the last of four but I only found this out sorry).

Struggling through the policy-speak of draft plan (lots of vague words like ‘colourful’, a word I will come back to), the Council knows that Karangahape Road area is going to be a vital site because of it’s centrality to the future city rail…

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